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The Yokohama project is the story of an encounter between the photographer Giada Ripa and the Maison Ruinart. After studying at the International Center of Photography in New York, Giada’s works have been exhibited throughout the world and have been published in many different international magazines. Mathilde Ruinart de Brimont was the wife of the first Italian ambassador to Japan and was known to be an explorer, an artist and an art collector, who passed on her passion for travelling and her inquisitiveness to her descendants.


While tidying up the attic of the family house, Giada discovered Mathilde’s art collection, amongst which 53 black & white prints, coloured by hand by the famous photographer Felice Beato. A few days later, she found a manuscript entitled A Trip to Japan, handwritten by Mathilde. These discoveries marked the beginning of Giada's project and her historical research. She followed in the footsteps of this modern woman from Italy to Japan via Hong Kong. Her arrival in Yokohama, nearly 150 years after Mathilde, was an emotional shock. She took on-the-spot snapshots of landscapes, palaces, portraits, juxtaposing them with the sketches of Mathilde and the photos of Felice Beato.


Giada's project is a journey through Japan, a link between the past and the present; an enchanted European vision of Japan.